Congress in practice: embodiment of bold ideas

01-04-12 18:10:58

FC Shakhtar kicked off today’s practice sessions of the Second International Youth Congress. The sessions were held by Volodymyr Savchenko, coordinator of goalkeeper coaching at FC Shakhtar Academy, together with Shakhtar’s goalkeepers from U-19 and U-16 teams.

At the beginning, our keepers carried out a few drills with balls. Then, in a simulated game situation, goalkeepers had to play well while rushing out of goal before supplying a forward with a long pass. The final part of the session featured not only goalkeepers, but also 10 outfield players, who were divided into two teams of five. Before Vladimir Savchenko delivered a cross from the flank, a goalkeeper had to command the actions of his five defenders, namely in terms of defenders’ positioning and marking.

Due to bad weather conditions practice sessions were reduced to 30 minutes, except the Pitmen’s training, which lasted 45 minutes.

After Volodymyr Savchenko, Manchester City’s Scott Sellar and Simon Davies along with 10 Shakhtar’s youth players took to the pitch. Two goalkeepers took up their places in a big goal, with outfield players embodying ideas of British experts. First, three attackers had to beat two defenders and then, in a similar situation, they had to finish the attacking move in a 3 v 3.

Porto’s Pepeyn Liynders based his session around ball control. Then he divided the Pitmen into "yellow" and "red" sides - 6 v 6. One team was supposed to win the ball back and initiate its own attack.

Werder completed today’s practice session. Viktor Skrypnyk, according to him, offered players a very important training drill that requires their discipline – a flank attack, which results in shooting goalwards. Viktor round off his session with a 7 v 4 passing drill.

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