Simon Davies: What has changed in Donetsk? Weather

01-04-12 17:28:54

At the Second International Youth Coaches Congress the Manchester City Academy was represented by Scott Sellar and Simon Davies. We asked them to share their impressions of the event.

- What memories of the event will you have?
Scott Sellar: - First, I would like to highlight a very good organization of the congress. Many experts gathered in one place, listened to new ideas, discussed trends. We hope that our presentation will be useful for them, and at the same time I can say that we have learned a lot of interesting information ourselves.

- Simon, you visited Donetsk during the youth tournament which took place in summer. How do you like our city now? Have you noticed any changes?
Simon Davies: - At Euro, England will play its matches here, so maybe, we'll come here again this summer. (Laughing.) Regarding the changes, during the youth tournament we saw perfect summer weather in Donetsk, but now it is rainy, cold wind - not the most pleasant conditions.

- Have you participated in similar activities?
Scott Sellar: - Yes, the English Premier League holds such forums four times a year. For us, participating in them is quite a common practice. This is very helpful, for we can get some ideas from our colleagues and then adapt and use them in our own work. In general, I would like to thank the organizers of this congress, as during these days we can look at the issue of youth football from a different perspective.

- What did you primarily want to demonstrate during the practice sessions?
Simon Davies: - The philosophy of our club is to be the first, always and everywhere. It also applies to training sessions. Players’ creativity and technique come to the fore. We showed the typical drills used at our academy.

- How did the club’s transformation influenced by a new chairman impact the academy?
Scott Sellar: - Indeed, the club has changed dramatically, and these changes have also affected the academy. For instance, players, whose level and capabilities used to be a solid foundation of our academy’s teams, no longer met the requirements. But these are positive changes. Now we ourselves are learning more.

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